Wavety.com for sale

October 15, 2009

Wavety.com is for sale, too bad it’s a nice website to get info about the Gwave, according to google what email would be if it was invented today.

Anyway, you can follow this link if you’re interested by that domain name.

Chrome alpha for linux (and mac)

June 5, 2009


Hey Finally chrome is now available as a alpha, or whatever unstable relase for linux and mac user as well.

I was waiting for chrome to come to linux for a long time. I’m using curently Firefox, but it is a bit CPU and RAM consuming on my Ubuntu box.

You can download a .deb from the chromium website.

I’m still testing it but it’s quite fast to load pages, and not so harch on my CPU.

Have a try.

Edit: NO flash support yet in the Dev built šŸ˜¦


May 1, 2009

One of my friend just bought a thinkpad laptop. It looks like they are really strong laptops. Just look at this video.

Now anybody knows if the netbooks they make benefit from the thinkpad engineering?

A glimps over the river

April 26, 2009


The new set of pictures on the Boston Globe were taken from the chinese side of the Yuan river. They are rare images, witnessing North Korean daily life

The Big Picture

Ubuntu 9.04 Portable aka UNR

April 26, 2009


The new ubuntu 9.04 was released into the wild wild web last Thursday. With it not so many new features except, support for Ext4 file system (and great boot time improvement), little notification poping from time to time and popular themes coming out of the box.

The most interesting thing for me was the release at the same time of the Portable edition called UNR for ubuntu netbook remix. I’ve been thinking about buying a Netbook for a while now, and UNR is looking like a good alternative for netbook users to the normal ubuntu flavor.

So grabeĀ  the .img file there the file is ~900MB.

To turn it in a bootable USB, just install a software called USB-imagewriter

sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter

Open it trough Applications-> Accessories

Then it’s quite straight forward.


Once the files are copied on the USB, you’re ready to boot.

Of course your computer should be able to boot from an external drive.

So here is how ubuntu mobile/portable/unr looks like:


The different applications are on the left, icones are displayed in the middle, on the right you can select, drives and folders. On the top right the usual things network and volume manager and the clock. Almost all the software open full screen but you can of course come back to the main menu by clicking on the ubuntou logo on the top left.

My conclusion is that UNR is a good flavour of Ubuntu, certainly more suitable for small screens, but still loaded with good applications, I was also thinking that it can be great for elderly people who never touched a computer. Well it’s worth give it a try. Also the way applications are taking almost all the screen make you gain a lot in visibility almost no space is wasted on useless windows.

If you’re a ubuntu user who’s about to buy a netbook don’t forget to visit the support page to see wich one is best suited for UNR

You can check the other screens in the gallerie

Sockso stream your music

April 26, 2009


Sockso is a simple stream-server for you music.

Download a simple archive from their website. Unzip the file for win/linux, the execut the file you’ll find in the folder, you’ll recognise the one don’t worry.

Then chose the folder(s) where you keep all your music under the collection tab.


You can creat one or more users and set passwords for each of them.

In the bottom of the page is the ip:port you have to follow to access the web interface.

If you have a router or firewall don’t forget to forward or open selected port (default is 4444)

The web interface is really simple, you can chose from many kinds of player. You can creat, share playlists, download files, see which files you’ve listened most, as well as creating random playlist, a good thing to be able to listen to mp3 that were taking dust.


My bigest issue so far is that I can’t us it on my ipod touch, certainly apple’s fault for not supporting flash. But I’m wish they will realese an app for Sockso, (I’m guessing I’m a bit optimistic). But I’ve read somewhere that one app was available for jailborken ipods.