Microsoft surface, the table for your iphone :-)

May 31, 2007

Today, I’m not going to talk about the new Microsoft surface table. I’m not going to tell you how this “revolutionary” table-screen, will change our life forever. Because you certainly know it already, you know that just by putting on the table your camera, cellphone or any portable devise with a wireless connexion.

you will be able to share your pictures and video, or even document with anybody at the table. I’m not going to bother you with the fact that you will be able to order your drink and food just by scrolling the items displayed on the table.

What is sure is that I can’t wait to see drunk people around that table, or even being drunk in front of that table. It’s going to be pretty funny, but I guess we wont see them in common restaurant, since it might cost 10’000$ the table. So fancy restaurant only, big chain maybe.

The good thing is that eating free peanuts in a bar won’t be as gross as it use to be, imagine all those nasty finger rubbing the table. You won’t share only pictures with your friends. I admit it’s a little bit exaggerated, since we share already a lot of bacterias. This paragraph was just to frighten my friends with OCD.

Ok so all this is not that interesting or exciting, So you don’t need to watch the following videos:

But have a look at this web site, the company name is Perceptive pixel and they develop huge multi touch/user screen for businesses and the military (arg) and it’s really impressive. Hopefully my kids will learn with that kind of board in their classroom like young padawan.

This video is made by the CEO of Perceptive pixel:

If you have time this one is more interesting, much more info:


Got my post for the day… amazing google maps steet view

May 30, 2007

Amazing new feature in Google maps called street views. I guess it’s only available for big cities. At least new york. I will see if it works for other towns.

edit: images are available in Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and San Francisco

How does it work, go to Google maps search for New York, zoom on manhattan. Then click on “street view” drag and drop the yellow character on a blue-outlined street. And see the magic!!!!


Anyway it’s really surprising, from what I read, they are using cars with camera looking in every direction. Also different company are or have developed that kind of thing, Google are apparently not the only ones. One day maybe it’s going to be live, and good bye privacy. There are already so many cameras in the streets. Hopefully their not inside yet. If you want to have an idea of what it would look like live watch the movie “déjà vu”.

And hop hop a link to potential video from youtube!

I’m going play a bit with my new toy:-)

Be Nice to the planet my friend!

May 27, 2007

I’m always really excited when I find new eco-friendly product. Every years some really cool stuff are coming on the market. Technology that was really expensive 5 or 10 years ago, is now affordable for anybody (If you live in Babylon).


One product is the USBcell, It’s battery that can be recharged in any USB port. They come up in different format AA, AAA, 9V. Plus developing battery for cell phone and other portable devises. So If you are thinking about buying rechargeable batteries that’s what you need.

If you are the kind of person traveling and some times miles away from electricity small devices to recharge your gadgets are available for less then 100$. I’ve found two type one called freeloader the other called solio universal hybrid solar charger. I’m not sure which one is the best, but if you want something big you can check on the solar bag pack.


Now laundry, I always feel guilty when I wash my clothes. As many people I use normal product, which comes from the supermarket. Now on those products it says “biodegradable”! But how can I believe that? The same companies have been lying to use for years. Every time I see advertisement for laundry product I want to cry.

So magic, here is a product that looks really cool. It’s three balls that you put with your laundry in the machine, each ball contain mineral salts that produce ionized oxygen. You can use them more then 1’000 times (there is a refile with the kit), which is they say equivalent to 50 box of conventional washing powder. It’s called “eco balls wash kit”.


When you say eco shoes, I guess everybody will picture a hippie. I know me too. But know there is some pretty cool “green” clothes. Even some really fashionable stuff for people who care about their style. nothing psychedelic or things that will make you look like you’re fund raising for Greenpeace (if you do it that’s coool).

A cool site I’ve found is the one from the brand “worn again“. This company is making shoes from different recycled products and they look nice! If you click “the collection” then “stock site” you will find the closest retailer near YOU (if your lucky).


Do you like Ice cream? well, here is a cool way to make ice cream without using too much electricity. With it’s killer look the Icecream ball maker will make you happy when you go camping of pick nick. Put the cream in the top compartment, then in the second one put ice cubes and rock salt. Call children, drunk people, the dog, anything with energy to roll it around for 20 minutes.

… and being sick

May 26, 2007

Ouch I didn’t post for a few days now. The reason is that I was kind of sick, a really bad stomachache. I just spend the last days in bed. But hopefully, I feel better now:-)

But in don’t have much motivation today, weather is really bad here in Perth, my girlfriend is working and I’m cold! Yess I know what you will say, not much to complain about, but still I didn’t expect being cold in Australia. nobody, or not many people talk about winter in Australia. So I can tell you it’s pretty cold especially if you bring only summer cloths… (I didn’t read the guide book really carefully).

ok I’m going to try to put some more content soon… and come up with an interesting post..


My korean kitchen

May 23, 2007

I’ve always loved Asian cuisine, for my birthday when I was a child my parents would ask me which restaurant I want to go to and my only answer would be “Chinese”. I was so happy, I just loved the ambiance, the chopsticks, the music (I know really cheesy). But mainly because we would order for all the table and it’s so much more convivial to be able to try every single meal on the table.

In Switzerland, Asian restaurant were mainly Chinese, but things are changing and other part of Asia are now being represented. It’s possible to find Japanese food quite easily in big cities. Unfortunately, eating Asian food in Switzerland can be really expensive if you don’t know the cheap place. I remember paying 30$ for 3 big shrimp with rice noodle and green curry sauce and it wasn’t that good. Anyway that’s the reason, why I didn’t eat Asian food so often and why every time it was a big deal.

When I went to Vancouver to study English, everything changed! there is so many Asian restaurant in that town that I almost cried (I didn’t, don’t worry). A few month later I met my girlfriend . She is from Korea. I didn’t even know that Korean food was an option. And guess what, I was wrong. Korean food is just amazing. I discovered kimichi, one of the five healthiest dish in the world. I discovered everything and I loved It. Korean traditional food is really healthy, lots of veggies, rice, spices, garlic, onion. Not too oily, some times very spicy.

when my girlfriend went back to Korea, it was more difficult to cook Korean food. Hopefully my roommate was Korean so when i was in Vancouver it was fine. But we I got back to Switzerland, It was really tough, no kimchi, no recite. So I spent some time on the web looking for a good website with Korean recipes.

My Korean Kitchen is the best website i found. Recipes are step by step, there is a list of all ingredient, you can learn a lot about Korean food culture, pictures are just beautiful. I really like the style of the author, and she is really nice always taking time to answer you comments. It’s just a very good example of what a blog should be.

So long live My Korean Kitchen!

I woke up!!!

May 23, 2007

Yessss I woke up early today to write my second post. I didn’t really think about my topic. Yesterday night I have been busy reading, so I will give you a few web site you should visit.


This web site is called TV links, they have a huge list of film, show, music clip etc. See for yourself!


Guess what!!??, by searching special key word in Google, you can get link to security, or network webcam which are not protected by password. there is more details on this website. Big brother is watching you!


You know media are definitely corrupt. Read this article and you will understand. 25 most censored news of 2006. Some of those were not big surprise for me others were quite new for me. For instance I didn’t know that the Palestine-Israel wall is founded by the world bank, and that the real plan is to enslave Palestinian people by making free-trade zone. Take some time and read all the article.


Here is a few pictures made by a Chinese artist, his style, “Camouflage”! See for yourself!


This is a website with all the PSP demo you can found on the web! coool.

Ok that’s it for today. See you tomorrow

Find discipline

May 22, 2007

Blogging seems so easy for some people, it’s just amazing! They can write pages and pages, about anything. Above all, they write regularly, every day, two time a day. whatever!

It’s something very difficult for me, so keeping a blog alive, is just mission impossible. And i like it:-)

I feel really different these days, i want to do many things. But i know myself very well, my motivation usually die during the night.

What i will try… sorry GOING TO DO, is posting EVERY DAY, or two days ( see that’s my motivation again). No EVERY DAY. I’M GOING TO POST EVERY DAY!

Yesss i know it’s gonna be tough.

But that’s what i’m will do:

  • Think about my post during the day!
  • Write down my ideas before going to bed.
  • Wake up at the same time as my girl friend.
  • then write my post.

okok…. Now i have to tidy up my appartment. I don’t want my girlfriend to thing i’ve been busy doing nothing today.