Find discipline

Blogging seems so easy for some people, it’s just amazing! They can write pages and pages, about anything. Above all, they write regularly, every day, two time a day. whatever!

It’s something very difficult for me, so keeping a blog alive, is just mission impossible. And i like it:-)

I feel really different these days, i want to do many things. But i know myself very well, my motivation usually die during the night.

What i will try… sorry GOING TO DO, is posting EVERY DAY, or two days ( see that’s my motivation again). No EVERY DAY. I’M GOING TO POST EVERY DAY!

Yesss i know it’s gonna be tough.

But that’s what i’m will do:

  • Think about my post during the day!
  • Write down my ideas before going to bed.
  • Wake up at the same time as my girl friend.
  • then write my post.

okok…. Now i have to tidy up my appartment. I don’t want my girlfriend to thing i’ve been busy doing nothing today.


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