I woke up!!!

Yessss I woke up early today to write my second post. I didn’t really think about my topic. Yesterday night I have been busy reading, so I will give you a few web site you should visit.


This web site is called TV links, they have a huge list of film, show, music clip etc. See for yourself!


Guess what!!??, by searching special key word in Google, you can get link to security, or network webcam which are not protected by password. there is more details on this website. Big brother is watching you!


You know media are definitely corrupt. Read this article and you will understand. 25 most censored news of 2006. Some of those were not big surprise for me others were quite new for me. For instance I didn’t know that the Palestine-Israel wall is founded by the world bank, and that the real plan is to enslave Palestinian people by making free-trade zone. Take some time and read all the article.


Here is a few pictures made by a Chinese artist, his style, “Camouflage”! See for yourself!


This is a website with all the PSP demo you can found on the web! coool.

Ok that’s it for today. See you tomorrow


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