Be Nice to the planet my friend!

I’m always really excited when I find new eco-friendly product. Every years some really cool stuff are coming on the market. Technology that was really expensive 5 or 10 years ago, is now affordable for anybody (If you live in Babylon).


One product is the USBcell, It’s battery that can be recharged in any USB port. They come up in different format AA, AAA, 9V. Plus developing battery for cell phone and other portable devises. So If you are thinking about buying rechargeable batteries that’s what you need.

If you are the kind of person traveling and some times miles away from electricity small devices to recharge your gadgets are available for less then 100$. I’ve found two type one called freeloader the other called solio universal hybrid solar charger. I’m not sure which one is the best, but if you want something big you can check on the solar bag pack.


Now laundry, I always feel guilty when I wash my clothes. As many people I use normal product, which comes from the supermarket. Now on those products it says “biodegradable”! But how can I believe that? The same companies have been lying to use for years. Every time I see advertisement for laundry product I want to cry.

So magic, here is a product that looks really cool. It’s three balls that you put with your laundry in the machine, each ball contain mineral salts that produce ionized oxygen. You can use them more then 1’000 times (there is a refile with the kit), which is they say equivalent to 50 box of conventional washing powder. It’s called “eco balls wash kit”.


When you say eco shoes, I guess everybody will picture a hippie. I know me too. But know there is some pretty cool “green” clothes. Even some really fashionable stuff for people who care about their style. nothing psychedelic or things that will make you look like you’re fund raising for Greenpeace (if you do it that’s coool).

A cool site I’ve found is the one from the brand “worn again“. This company is making shoes from different recycled products and they look nice! If you click “the collection” then “stock site” you will find the closest retailer near YOU (if your lucky).


Do you like Ice cream? well, here is a cool way to make ice cream without using too much electricity. With it’s killer look the Icecream ball maker will make you happy when you go camping of pick nick. Put the cream in the top compartment, then in the second one put ice cubes and rock salt. Call children, drunk people, the dog, anything with energy to roll it around for 20 minutes.


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