Got my post for the day… amazing google maps steet view

Amazing new feature in Google maps called street views. I guess it’s only available for big cities. At least new york. I will see if it works for other towns.

edit: images are available in Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and San Francisco

How does it work, go to Google maps search for New York, zoom on manhattan. Then click on “street view” drag and drop the yellow character on a blue-outlined street. And see the magic!!!!


Anyway it’s really surprising, from what I read, they are using cars with camera looking in every direction. Also different company are or have developed that kind of thing, Google are apparently not the only ones. One day maybe it’s going to be live, and good bye privacy. There are already so many cameras in the streets. Hopefully their not inside yet. If you want to have an idea of what it would look like live watch the movie “déjà vu”.

And hop hop a link to potential video from youtube!

I’m going play a bit with my new toy:-)


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