Microsoft surface, the table for your iphone :-)

Today, I’m not going to talk about the new Microsoft surface table. I’m not going to tell you how this “revolutionary” table-screen, will change our life forever. Because you certainly know it already, you know that just by putting on the table your camera, cellphone or any portable devise with a wireless connexion.

you will be able to share your pictures and video, or even document with anybody at the table. I’m not going to bother you with the fact that you will be able to order your drink and food just by scrolling the items displayed on the table.

What is sure is that I can’t wait to see drunk people around that table, or even being drunk in front of that table. It’s going to be pretty funny, but I guess we wont see them in common restaurant, since it might cost 10’000$ the table. So fancy restaurant only, big chain maybe.

The good thing is that eating free peanuts in a bar won’t be as gross as it use to be, imagine all those nasty finger rubbing the table. You won’t share only pictures with your friends. I admit it’s a little bit exaggerated, since we share already a lot of bacterias. This paragraph was just to frighten my friends with OCD.

Ok so all this is not that interesting or exciting, So you don’t need to watch the following videos:

But have a look at this web site, the company name is Perceptive pixel and they develop huge multi touch/user screen for businesses and the military (arg) and it’s really impressive. Hopefully my kids will learn with that kind of board in their classroom like young padawan.

This video is made by the CEO of Perceptive pixel:

If you have time this one is more interesting, much more info:


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