MMMmmmmmh sushi dipped in American Army Sauce!

Since I was a child, I just always loved sea-food. Fish, mussel, shrimp (my favorit), crab, etc… I love sushi too, mmmmm raw fish.

But as you know, seas are over-fished, soon we won’t be able to say “there’s plenty of fishes in the sea!”. Because the sea is going to be Empty. But lets not be pessimistic, if we are lucky, on spices of fish will become a super-predator, canibale and able to survive by eating it’s fellow fish-friends. Like in the movie Darwin’s Nightmare, here is the trailer.

So we will be able to eat one or two kind of fish. NICE!

Everybody should be aware, that human use the ocean as garbage, a little bit like a kid would push his toys under his bed to make his room look tidy. Unfortunately unlike kids, government and other “wise and mature” authority don’t try to hide toys but hazardous chemicals, nuclear waste, ammunition. Of course, they won’t tell you, they prefer to make you feel guilty not to recycle, guilty not to ride a bus.

I can’t imagine the asshole, that take that kind of decision,

– Sir, we got a lot of nuclear was, 500tons we don’t know what to do with it.

– Pffffff, you now what I have my golf lesson in 20 min with my mistress, just tell the navy to dump it somewhere in the ocean. Like the 400’000 chemical-filed bomb we dumped last week. Just don’t do it at the same place, I think Greenpeace is training there new recruits there. ahahahhaha

– Ok, sir will do it Sir! (running like a little dog).

– Oh, and shhhhh don’t tell anybody.

That for big asshole.

Now a few days later on the Navy McEusston Interceptor. The middle asshole to 20 little rectums:

– Guys today we have a special mission assigne by the Big White house. Our exercise is to drop as many barrel in the seas as quickly as possible. Don’t worry guys it’s just an exercise, if you have to wear gaz mask and your bio-hazard suite it’s just to make it look like real!.

– Houa! (The sound of emptiness in an empty heads).

Little rectum to himself “whahah this fake greeen stuff coming out of the barrel look so real, the Army Fx is doing a great job!”.

And every body is doing his job, without questioning them selfs. That’s what the American army has been doing for a long time.

If you want to see where they dumped those chemicals, like that you can try to avoid those nasty fishing-spots, have a look at the maps:

Around the world:


The U.S Atlantic coast:


Finally the pacific:


They all come from registration is free if you want more information about that story. There is also two other articles on the topic here and there.

It happens since the second world war, maybe even before and it’s still happening, but as usual it takes more then 20 years to become public.

I also read a lot of American hater comment saying “American are stupid” “bla bla bla “. Wake up guys, every single army in the world like that. It’s not because they wear green clothes, they run around in the countryside, that they are ecologically friendly. Friendly may rhyme with army, but it as nothing to do with it.

Being Swiss I heard a lot of story about the swiss army wasting policy, leave the engine of trucks running all night to use all the fuel in order to be able to get the same amount in the future. The waste of bullet and any type of ammunition for the same reason. I’m so glad I could avoid going to that stupid compulsory military service.



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