Yesterday, I bought the amazing graphic novel from Brian Wood. I don’t remember where I heard of it, but i think it was on

I’m big fan of european comics, “bande dessinée”. Unfortunately I don’t know much about their American cousin. All I know it the classic heroes and I’ve seen more movies then read books.

In Vancouver, I bought a few graphic novel and I was pretty surprised. I really enjoyed them, the stories were very nice as well as the drawings. I was a bit disappointed because the one I bought were in black and white, but it didn’t really matter.

Anyway, DMZ the novel I bought yesterday has everything I like in european comics. It’s a piece of art, the story is thrilling, surprising, some nice action seen, some hidden stuff to look for, some sustainable concept and a bit of tech.

The story take place in New York, I’m not sure about the year, but it’s not that fare in the future. Manathan as become a battle zone between the U.S.A and the secessionist “Free state”. A team of journalist is sent on the island to make a reportage, but nothing turn out as expected. Matthew Roth the intern is the only survivor after the team is wiped out by snipers on the drop zone.

Matthew luckily is rescued by Zee a med-school student who will become his guide in the ravaged city. With his high-tech broadcast equipment Matty will do his best to show the world the real face of the conflict…

Check it out, DMZ vol 1: On the ground.

You can find your copy in any good butcher shop. As well as there.

Here is a biography of the author Brian Wood and his website.


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