N. Korea Vs. S. Korea “Break it!”

July 21, 2007

A nice piece of design that let you save energy and $$$

July 13, 2007

If you like design and energy saving, you’ll like this nice piece of equipment developped by a French designer called Gilles Belley and the EDF (Electricity of France) design department. This devise is called the energy saving adaptor. just watch.

A typical desk with many cables and electric devises in stand by mode wasting energy and money:


That’s what your desk looks like now with the energy saving adaptor, neat and tidy:

esa one

This is how you plug the different pieces of the adaptor together:


Then how you plug your electric devise such as a computer under the desk:


If for exemple your printer is in stand by the side of the adaptor in which the devise is pluged in starts glowing telling you to switch it off:

esa four

If you don’t the energy saving adaptor will do it for you after 3 minutes:

esa five

A look at the adaptor from the side:-) nice right? It would match your Mac perfectly:

esa six

What did I tell you:

esa seven

So what do you think about that? Nice right? Still I’m wondering how does this devise knows when your printer is in stand-by? Maybe just because, only a small amount of energy is used by the devise on stand-by.

The great thing is that company like EDF invest in that kind of technologies. Everybody seams more and more aware of energy waste. My hope is that they won’t bury the project. Since it’s just a prototype, hopefully they will decide to launch the product. Lets see
Source ———- [http://www.gillesbelley.fr]————

E3 videos

July 13, 2007

Just wat to show you a few trailer of the new trailers and gameplay showed at e3 2007:

First the Nintendo press kit many video

Nintendo wiifit (a new way to exercise with the wii)

Mario kart

Mario Galaxy

Endless ocean

Metroid prime 3

For the Xbox 360

Mass effect

Assassin creed

Halo 3

halo wars

On the ps3

Killzone 2 (gameplay)

Metal gear solid 4


Every time I press refresh, there something new:-)

July 11, 2007

Yess E3 2007 has begun, and news are pooring trough the cable all around the world, filling up web site all the way to the top. That’s amazing! It’s like the opening of the hunt for gamer.

So since I don’t have time to polish my post, because I have to go somewhere here are a few facts:

  • A new Xbox 360 halo style (the bundle is without halo 3 that sucks)
  • A bunch of new accessories for the 360
  • The New halo 3 trailer
  • New mass effect trailer
  • Halo war gameplay
  • A (maybe) screenshot of Killzone 2
  • The new trailer of burnout
  • Mgs4 is maybe not a ps3 exclusif
  • and so much more to come….

It chrismas 5 month in advance:-)

To know everything http://kotaku.com, http://www.gametrailers.com, http://www.gamekult.com

Italian video game marketer, are really creatif!

July 6, 2007


Few days ago I read that news about a marketing campaign giving away fake books to help student playing their favorite PSP games during class. A funny way to promote Sony’s portable console.

Now it the turn of the nintendo Italy to promote the wii using a form of street art. They used hundreds of post it to recreate giant Video game heroes from the 80’s. Each piece of paper has a promotional message on the back.

I really like that form of advertisement using non-traditional way to promote a product.

Street art-vertising, je dis OUI!

Source ——[scaryideas dot com]—-[the cool hunter dot com dot au]——-

Scoopeo and Fuzz, digg.com “à la française”

July 3, 2007

One of my biggest addiction is digg.com the social news website. I have to check what’s new several times a day. Even though digg is a really good medium if you want to discover new website, new blogs or see new videos. There is something missing for me: French.

I know it’s might sound stupid and out of the context, but i’d like to hear more about what’s going on in the French community. Since I live abroad, I have limited access to the Swiss and French media. Of course I can read newspaper online, but the full content is never free of charge. I can watch the news and most of the TV programs thanks to the swiss tv chanel website.

Tv and newspaper are not as powerfull as a social news website since only content selected by user get to the front page. So less depressing news, you know what I mean, watch the news on TV and you will hear only about violance, war, heartquake.

So I’ve been looking for a French version of digg and found two. They are called Scoopeo.com and Fuzz.fr. Front page topics don’t have as many diggs (clicks for Scoopeo and fuzz for Fuzz) as digg.com. But at least their is a community behind those two web sites are submitting news. Also Some stories are coming from digg, but many come from the franch speaking web community. so that’s great… for me.. ahahah!!!!

scoopeo page