Scoopeo and Fuzz, “à la française”

One of my biggest addiction is the social news website. I have to check what’s new several times a day. Even though digg is a really good medium if you want to discover new website, new blogs or see new videos. There is something missing for me: French.

I know it’s might sound stupid and out of the context, but i’d like to hear more about what’s going on in the French community. Since I live abroad, I have limited access to the Swiss and French media. Of course I can read newspaper online, but the full content is never free of charge. I can watch the news and most of the TV programs thanks to the swiss tv chanel website.

Tv and newspaper are not as powerfull as a social news website since only content selected by user get to the front page. So less depressing news, you know what I mean, watch the news on TV and you will hear only about violance, war, heartquake.

So I’ve been looking for a French version of digg and found two. They are called and Front page topics don’t have as many diggs (clicks for Scoopeo and fuzz for Fuzz) as But at least their is a community behind those two web sites are submitting news. Also Some stories are coming from digg, but many come from the franch speaking web community. so that’s great… for me.. ahahah!!!!

scoopeo page




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