Every time I press refresh, there something new:-)

Yess E3 2007 has begun, and news are pooring trough the cable all around the world, filling up web site all the way to the top. That’s amazing! It’s like the opening of the hunt for gamer.

So since I don’t have time to polish my post, because I have to go somewhere here are a few facts:

  • A new Xbox 360 halo style (the bundle is without halo 3 that sucks)
  • A bunch of new accessories for the 360
  • The New halo 3 trailer
  • New mass effect trailer
  • Halo war gameplay
  • A (maybe) screenshot of Killzone 2
  • The new trailer of burnout
  • Mgs4 is maybe not a ps3 exclusif
  • and so much more to come….

It chrismas 5 month in advance:-)

To know everything http://kotaku.com, http://www.gametrailers.com, http://www.gamekult.com


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