A nice piece of design that let you save energy and $$$

If you like design and energy saving, you’ll like this nice piece of equipment developped by a French designer called Gilles Belley and the EDF (Electricity of France) design department. This devise is called the energy saving adaptor. just watch.

A typical desk with many cables and electric devises in stand by mode wasting energy and money:


That’s what your desk looks like now with the energy saving adaptor, neat and tidy:

esa one

This is how you plug the different pieces of the adaptor together:


Then how you plug your electric devise such as a computer under the desk:


If for exemple your printer is in stand by the side of the adaptor in which the devise is pluged in starts glowing telling you to switch it off:

esa four

If you don’t the energy saving adaptor will do it for you after 3 minutes:

esa five

A look at the adaptor from the side:-) nice right? It would match your Mac perfectly:

esa six

What did I tell you:

esa seven

So what do you think about that? Nice right? Still I’m wondering how does this devise knows when your printer is in stand-by? Maybe just because, only a small amount of energy is used by the devise on stand-by.

The great thing is that company like EDF invest in that kind of technologies. Everybody seams more and more aware of energy waste. My hope is that they won’t bury the project. Since it’s just a prototype, hopefully they will decide to launch the product. Lets see
Source ———- [http://www.gillesbelley.fr]————


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