“Unsupported data” my psp says no thank you vconvert


Yesterday, I told you how great vconvert.net was to download web video in mp4 format for your PSP, iPod video and iPhone. Well I don’t have an iPod video neither an iPhone. But I have a Playstation portable, so I tried to download and put a few video on my PSP.

No luck, my PSP displays “unsupported data, fuck off”.

Same problem with the video coming from a similar website vixy.net/. It seams the audio frequency between the video coming from the two websites and the one working on my PSP is different. I read a post on a forum saying that it might be the problem. So the only solution is to convert those video one more time if I want to be able to read them on my PSP.

If you are running windows you can chose between many video converter. On an other hand with linux there is (I may be wrong) only one which is called PSPVC. To Install it just follow the instructions on this page. Then you can convert any AVI file into MP4 and H264/AVC formats. To get the avi, you can only use vixy.net.

They might come with a solution in the future, but for now it’s the only one I could find.

Hope It might help


5 Responses to “Unsupported data” my psp says no thank you vconvert

  1. 96rt10 says:

    I’ve tried pspvc, and my psp says the same thing… “unsupported data”. Also get the same results from a program called “vive”. Both have oustanding user interfaces, but something just doesn’t work in the end. I’ll keep trying…

  2. tellos says:

    Did you convert the video from AVI to MP4? Do you have all the codec installed

  3. Mike Sparx says:

    It’s because the resolution youre converting them at is too high ; standard is 320 X 240

    check your settings and try again ;0)

  4. Bob says:

    Same problem i tried a lot of things but still same thing i converted vid to mp4 and draged it to my vid folder but still nothing it just says unsupported data.

  5. Just a thought says:

    I had the “unsupported data” problems too until I followed the instructions given in the link (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PSP) “the mpeg4 videos goes to MP_ROOT/100MNV01 and the H264 videos to MP_ROOT/100ANV01”. The weird thing is that if I use PSP Video 9 in windows they play from the VIDEO folder but using PSPVC

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