New batteries promises 30 years of energy

October 31, 2007


A new kind of battery which can last for years has been invented by scientist. The Betavoltaic Batteries are due in 2 to 3 years if everything goes as planed. They don’t produce heat and become inert once flat a good thing for the environment. if you want to know a bit more go to


Funny guys make special cookies in Seoul

October 22, 2007

Hi one video again. This time it’s a vid I brought from Seoul. Some guys are making special cookies invented long long time ago for the king (which one??? donno). They start with a block of honey, and end up making 16’000 small strain thin like hair.


What about going fishing?

October 17, 2007


Seen on ——[ ]—–

Cooking the beat

October 2, 2007

Et un peu de sucre en poudre??? Nooooooon..