Wavety.com for sale

October 15, 2009

Wavety.com is for sale, too bad it’s a nice website to get info about the Gwave, according to google what email would be if it was invented today.

Anyway, you can follow this link if you’re interested by that domain name.


Yellow again world

January 13, 2009

I really didn’t post for a long time. Well nobody must be mad at me since I don’t think I have readers.

I’m back in Switzerland now, I got married, have a job and new appartment. nice.

Now I’m on holiday and I’m ill, and guess what nothing to do. So I decided to come check out how is the new wordpress dashboard and hopefuly post a few items. Because I haven’t stopped surfing.

Guess What I stumble upon?

August 24, 2007


Yesss lousy title I know, but stumbleupon.com is not lousy at all!

This coool web “feature” is my re-discovery of the week. I been on this site couple of time not knowing/understanding it’s power! Maybe Because I hate sites that want to install bars in my browser and I was wrong.

Discovering new web site is not that difficult, you could use any digg-like, but offen you’ll find yourself on the same web-site over and over again. Well not with stumbleupon.

First click the big “Join Ussssss…..” on the front page. Answer a couple of question, fill the form. The you’ll be directed to either the Mozilla or Internet explorer website depending on your browser. What about the other browser I do not know. Well Once or before (can’t remember) the bar is installed, you’ll have to chose between topic of intereste (sport, activism, web, family, food, photographie etc… etc…)

Then click the Stumble button on the bar to be sent to a random website submitted by another user. You don’t like it, click thumb down! you do, click thumb up! you don’t care stumble again! And so on. And it’s 3 am and you’re still not to bed, ahahahah evil internet.

Don’t thank me… thank the stumble team…..

Here are a few things I discovered:

  • Musicovery a really cool music discovery web site with a nice flash UI.
  • I knew this one already! But it’s really cool. dontclick.it/ (everything is in the title).
  • Finally a good advise from the rangers.

Back, older, wii, USBcell cash converters and few links

August 13, 2007


It looks like I didn’t post for a long time. WordPress told me my last piece of writing was posted “A While ago”. Arggg I guess I’m no really following my one-post-a-day resolution. I feel so guilty !
So Here are some news about myself. At the end of last month, I turned 24 (almost a quarter of a century). My sweet girlfriend gave me something I was waiting for a long time, a Wii! So I’ve been playing Wii sport and Zelda all that time! I don’t want to review what has be reviewed and re-reviewed.

Back in Switzerland, I should be able to buy games without problem Australia and Switzerland both read PAL format.

Since the controllers of the Wii are wireless and therefore powered by batteries, I bought myself a pack of USBcells. I found them for 24$ in any dick smith store here in Australia. If your not sure if you can get the USB rechargable batteries in your contry just ask the customer support (I don’t think the website has a store locator). The Wii and my computer have their USB Port one above anther so it makes it impossible to plug two batterie at the same time. So I have to use my girlfriend’s computer, or find a USB hub.


In order to buy Zelda, I decided to sell Metal Gear Portable ops, which I didn’t like that much. So I went to the closest cash converters to get rid of it. The guy ask me how much I wanted for my game, so I told him “35 dollars” (which is pretty fare) he answered me “we don’t take psp games for more than 10$”. What did this guy think? I was going to sell him my game for 10$ and keep it for himself. Bastard. So instead I went to gametraders where I got zelda for 69$(pre played) and ask how much the would give me for my psp game the guy’s answer 35$. Just like I said.

So a few link for today’s post:

  • This one is a website called Anywhere.fm that allow you tu upload music and the stream it from wherever you want. Pretty cool! You can listend to a few songs then you will be asked to sign up.
  • This one is a web site is call seenly it lets you take picture with you webcam like photo booth.
  • Three very cool sites about ecology (It’s never too much) the noimpactman project is a blog that follow the life of a NY writter and his familly in their quest for the tinniest carbon foot print. In the same vibe sewingmyshadowon.com is the blog of a girl from Chicago who is going Green! And last but not least environmentalgraffiti.com is going to keep you up to date with environmental news and issue!
  • And for my fellow french speaking friends, schizodoxe.com is a nice blog about genetic science and technologie.

Bye for now, I’ll try to keep in touch…ahaha

N. Korea Vs. S. Korea “Break it!”

July 21, 2007


June 15, 2007


Yesterday, I bought the amazing graphic novel from Brian Wood. I don’t remember where I heard of it, but i think it was on boingboing.net.

I’m big fan of european comics, “bande dessinĂ©e”. Unfortunately I don’t know much about their American cousin. All I know it the classic heroes and I’ve seen more movies then read books.

In Vancouver, I bought a few graphic novel and I was pretty surprised. I really enjoyed them, the stories were very nice as well as the drawings. I was a bit disappointed because the one I bought were in black and white, but it didn’t really matter.

Anyway, DMZ the novel I bought yesterday has everything I like in european comics. It’s a piece of art, the story is thrilling, surprising, some nice action seen, some hidden stuff to look for, some sustainable concept and a bit of tech.

The story take place in New York, I’m not sure about the year, but it’s not that fare in the future. Manathan as become a battle zone between the U.S.A and the secessionist “Free state”. A team of journalist is sent on the island to make a reportage, but nothing turn out as expected. Matthew Roth the intern is the only survivor after the team is wiped out by snipers on the drop zone.

Matthew luckily is rescued by Zee a med-school student who will become his guide in the ravaged city. With his high-tech broadcast equipment Matty will do his best to show the world the real face of the conflict…

Check it out, DMZ vol 1: On the ground.

You can find your copy in any good butcher shop. As well as there.

Here is a biography of the author Brian Wood and his website.

… and being sick

May 26, 2007

Ouch I didn’t post for a few days now. The reason is that I was kind of sick, a really bad stomachache. I just spend the last days in bed. But hopefully, I feel better now:-)

But in don’t have much motivation today, weather is really bad here in Perth, my girlfriend is working and I’m cold! Yess I know what you will say, not much to complain about, but still I didn’t expect being cold in Australia. nobody, or not many people talk about winter in Australia. So I can tell you it’s pretty cold especially if you bring only summer cloths… (I didn’t read the guide book really carefully).

ok I’m going to try to put some more content soon… and come up with an interesting post..