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March 4, 2008

Looptroop rockers new album April 23d


Gravia the kinetic lamp

February 11, 2008
gravia lamp

This concept is the won the second place at the greener gadgets design competition. It’s a lamp powered by gravity. It looks like a big tube and has a weight that can slide from the top to the bottom. It will act like a dynamo and power the lamp for 4 hours. It’s a very neat concept that I would like to see come true. So if you have a lot of money and don’t know what to do with it. Please make it become reality!

You can watch the video at engadget.com

The Zenn zero emission no noise

January 29, 2008

Look at this video presenting the Zenn zero emission no noise car. Made in Canada!

solarcell the future evolution of USBcell?

January 18, 2008

Since solars is becoming cheaper, smaller and more flexible. So Pichaya Puttorngul a designer from San Francisco had the idea to use solar panel to recharge, batteries. Just pull the panel out wait for the sun to do its job, roll it back inside the batterie. Great idea great concept. which make me think of the USBcell, but of course with solarcell you get your energy free from the sun.

The story of stuff cool anim about sustainability

January 17, 2008


Here I’ve found a cool animation about sustainability and the limit of our consumption based system. Just check it out. It’s called the story of stuff!

New batteries promises 30 years of energy

October 31, 2007


A new kind of battery which can last for years has been invented by scientist. The Betavoltaic Batteries are due in 2 to 3 years if everything goes as planed. They don’t produce heat and become inert once flat a good thing for the environment. if you want to know a bit more go to nextenergynews.com

ReCharge green-concept car from volvo

September 10, 2007


Look at this neat green-concept car from Volvo! Fully charged in three hours by plugging it to a common eclectic socket, you will be able to drive 100km. Then once you’ve used more then 70% of the battery, the flexifuel engine kicks off for the rest of your journey.

When used the correct way, the ReCharge will use 66% less then the actual hybrid cars. If you drive less then 100km a day you’ll save up to 80% on your gas bill! Not bad.

Price???? Dates???? I don’t know. At least it makes me dream!!!

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