Sushi with chef man

February 14, 2008

In Australia, I had the chance to have so kind of private classe with a friend-of-a-friend who’s working as a sushi chef in a Japanese restaurant. It was nice to see him work. He was so fast, but I learned the basics and now I have to practice. I try to  cook sushi every week or two. But in Switzerland fish is quite expensive. So I usually use  cooked tuna, crab cake and other product I can found easily here. I also make a lot of Kimbab (korean roll), because it’s what my girlfriend prefers since she is Korean.

It’s not allways easy to learn how to make good rice, use the right methode to roll your maki, or prepare shrimps for ebi sushi. So I’m allways looking for good videos to learn. Here are a series of very good video made by chef man to learn many things.

This is how to prepare sushi rice (Mizkan Brand video):

 This is how to make Ebi sushi (shrimp):

 This is how to roll maki sushi:


This is how to debone a chicken leg:


How to prepare tobikto sushi:

Hope you’ll enjoy!


Funny guys make special cookies in Seoul

October 22, 2007

Hi one video again. This time it’s a vid I brought from Seoul. Some guys are making special cookies invented long long time ago for the king (which one??? donno). They start with a block of honey, and end up making 16’000 small strain thin like hair.


Cooking the beat

October 2, 2007

Et un peu de sucre en poudre??? Nooooooon..

Perth in 10 restaurants

September 21, 2007


It’s not about the best places, but more about the places I like.

1. Stuccio

The best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Very different then the usual pizza, You must try the one with rocket topping.

2. Jaws sushi

There is 3 Jaw’s in town, the one at Mayer’s west entrance is specialized in cones, they are just delicious and affordable. The second one is located in the end of Hay st. mall (west). This one has a sushi train, after 15h30 is happy hour, 30% off & a free miso soup. You can enjoy the “all you can eat” buffet from 17h to 20h30 every Saturday (around 22$).

3. HanaBBQ

I really loved that Korean buffet, no time limit, only $30. There is huge choice of meat and side dishes, as well as rice, kimbap and pajan enjoy. If you have ever been to a korean restaurant you wont be surpirse by the BBQ grill in the middle of the table.

4. The sandwich place on William st.

I don’t know the name of that place, but on the corner of William st. and Murray st. there is a great sandwich shop. You can ask for a custom sandwich or choose on in the fridge. All there product are really fresh. They also have a big choice of pies, sausage roll and other kind of pastries.

5. Tookbegi

Tookbegi is a nice and little Korean restaurant on pier st. Between Hay st. and Murray street. The food is really nice and not too expensive.

6. Jade Sea food restaurant

If you like dim sum, it’s the place to go. But you’ll have to go there for lunch hour. At night they don’t serve dim sum. Just one advise make sure you know the price of what you get.

7. koinonia

Try koinonia in mt Lawley and enjoy some tasty asian fusion food. It’s the kind of restaurant I’d like in my street.

8. Park BBQ

I know, I know, it’s not a restaurant we are talking about. But in almost every park around perth, you can find electric BBQ places. I’ts just amazing and so conveniant, all you need is some food to grill, a bit of veggies and whatever you like for BBQ, and lets go to the Park. Ho, don’t forget to bring some aluminum fold, some are a bit dirty. I can’t believe that in Switzerland we still need to lit a fire.

9. Miss maude Buffet

I’ve never been there… Ok, next week maybe!

10. Home

Just eat at home, you’ll save some money. you’ll take me later.

Guess What I stumble upon?

August 24, 2007


Yesss lousy title I know, but is not lousy at all!

This coool web “feature” is my re-discovery of the week. I been on this site couple of time not knowing/understanding it’s power! Maybe Because I hate sites that want to install bars in my browser and I was wrong.

Discovering new web site is not that difficult, you could use any digg-like, but offen you’ll find yourself on the same web-site over and over again. Well not with stumbleupon.

First click the big “Join Ussssss…..” on the front page. Answer a couple of question, fill the form. The you’ll be directed to either the Mozilla or Internet explorer website depending on your browser. What about the other browser I do not know. Well Once or before (can’t remember) the bar is installed, you’ll have to chose between topic of intereste (sport, activism, web, family, food, photographie etc… etc…)

Then click the Stumble button on the bar to be sent to a random website submitted by another user. You don’t like it, click thumb down! you do, click thumb up! you don’t care stumble again! And so on. And it’s 3 am and you’re still not to bed, ahahahah evil internet.

Don’t thank me… thank the stumble team…..

Here are a few things I discovered:

  • Musicovery a really cool music discovery web site with a nice flash UI.
  • I knew this one already! But it’s really cool. (everything is in the title).
  • Finally a good advise from the rangers.

Two new cooking book for “Korean cuisine”!!!

June 8, 2007

Yesterday ma girl friend received those two cooking book by the post, strait from Korea. I had a look and many recipe look very yummy, the pictures are nice. But still, I’m looking forward to see a book from “My Korean kitchen blog”.

two books

I can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

My korean kitchen

May 23, 2007

I’ve always loved Asian cuisine, for my birthday when I was a child my parents would ask me which restaurant I want to go to and my only answer would be “Chinese”. I was so happy, I just loved the ambiance, the chopsticks, the music (I know really cheesy). But mainly because we would order for all the table and it’s so much more convivial to be able to try every single meal on the table.

In Switzerland, Asian restaurant were mainly Chinese, but things are changing and other part of Asia are now being represented. It’s possible to find Japanese food quite easily in big cities. Unfortunately, eating Asian food in Switzerland can be really expensive if you don’t know the cheap place. I remember paying 30$ for 3 big shrimp with rice noodle and green curry sauce and it wasn’t that good. Anyway that’s the reason, why I didn’t eat Asian food so often and why every time it was a big deal.

When I went to Vancouver to study English, everything changed! there is so many Asian restaurant in that town that I almost cried (I didn’t, don’t worry). A few month later I met my girlfriend . She is from Korea. I didn’t even know that Korean food was an option. And guess what, I was wrong. Korean food is just amazing. I discovered kimichi, one of the five healthiest dish in the world. I discovered everything and I loved It. Korean traditional food is really healthy, lots of veggies, rice, spices, garlic, onion. Not too oily, some times very spicy.

when my girlfriend went back to Korea, it was more difficult to cook Korean food. Hopefully my roommate was Korean so when i was in Vancouver it was fine. But we I got back to Switzerland, It was really tough, no kimchi, no recite. So I spent some time on the web looking for a good website with Korean recipes.

My Korean Kitchen is the best website i found. Recipes are step by step, there is a list of all ingredient, you can learn a lot about Korean food culture, pictures are just beautiful. I really like the style of the author, and she is really nice always taking time to answer you comments. It’s just a very good example of what a blog should be.

So long live My Korean Kitchen!