Google employees are having fun not playing Guitard heroes

March 27, 2008

Is that the home menu of the Xbox 360 on the screen???? ..


Anyway there office still looks way cooler then mine!


“Unsupported data” my psp says no thank you vconvert

August 25, 2007


Yesterday, I told you how great was to download web video in mp4 format for your PSP, iPod video and iPhone. Well I don’t have an iPod video neither an iPhone. But I have a Playstation portable, so I tried to download and put a few video on my PSP.

No luck, my PSP displays “unsupported data, fuck off”.

Same problem with the video coming from a similar website It seams the audio frequency between the video coming from the two websites and the one working on my PSP is different. I read a post on a forum saying that it might be the problem. So the only solution is to convert those video one more time if I want to be able to read them on my PSP.

If you are running windows you can chose between many video converter. On an other hand with linux there is (I may be wrong) only one which is called PSPVC. To Install it just follow the instructions on this page. Then you can convert any AVI file into MP4 and H264/AVC formats. To get the avi, you can only use

They might come with a solution in the future, but for now it’s the only one I could find.

Hope It might help

Guess What I stumble upon?

August 24, 2007


Yesss lousy title I know, but is not lousy at all!

This coool web “feature” is my re-discovery of the week. I been on this site couple of time not knowing/understanding it’s power! Maybe Because I hate sites that want to install bars in my browser and I was wrong.

Discovering new web site is not that difficult, you could use any digg-like, but offen you’ll find yourself on the same web-site over and over again. Well not with stumbleupon.

First click the big “Join Ussssss…..” on the front page. Answer a couple of question, fill the form. The you’ll be directed to either the Mozilla or Internet explorer website depending on your browser. What about the other browser I do not know. Well Once or before (can’t remember) the bar is installed, you’ll have to chose between topic of intereste (sport, activism, web, family, food, photographie etc… etc…)

Then click the Stumble button on the bar to be sent to a random website submitted by another user. You don’t like it, click thumb down! you do, click thumb up! you don’t care stumble again! And so on. And it’s 3 am and you’re still not to bed, ahahahah evil internet.

Don’t thank me… thank the stumble team…..

Here are a few things I discovered:

  • Musicovery a really cool music discovery web site with a nice flash UI.
  • I knew this one already! But it’s really cool. (everything is in the title).
  • Finally a good advise from the rangers.

E3 videos

July 13, 2007

Just wat to show you a few trailer of the new trailers and gameplay showed at e3 2007:

First the Nintendo press kit many video

Nintendo wiifit (a new way to exercise with the wii)

Mario kart

Mario Galaxy

Endless ocean

Metroid prime 3

For the Xbox 360

Mass effect

Assassin creed

Halo 3

halo wars

On the ps3

Killzone 2 (gameplay)

Metal gear solid 4


Every time I press refresh, there something new:-)

July 11, 2007

Yess E3 2007 has begun, and news are pooring trough the cable all around the world, filling up web site all the way to the top. That’s amazing! It’s like the opening of the hunt for gamer.

So since I don’t have time to polish my post, because I have to go somewhere here are a few facts:

  • A new Xbox 360 halo style (the bundle is without halo 3 that sucks)
  • A bunch of new accessories for the 360
  • The New halo 3 trailer
  • New mass effect trailer
  • Halo war gameplay
  • A (maybe) screenshot of Killzone 2
  • The new trailer of burnout
  • Mgs4 is maybe not a ps3 exclusif
  • and so much more to come….

It chrismas 5 month in advance:-)

To know everything,,

Italian video game marketer, are really creatif!

July 6, 2007


Few days ago I read that news about a marketing campaign giving away fake books to help student playing their favorite PSP games during class. A funny way to promote Sony’s portable console.

Now it the turn of the nintendo Italy to promote the wii using a form of street art. They used hundreds of post it to recreate giant Video game heroes from the 80’s. Each piece of paper has a promotional message on the back.

I really like that form of advertisement using non-traditional way to promote a product.

Street art-vertising, je dis OUI!

Source ——[scaryideas dot com]—-[the cool hunter dot com dot au]——-

Better than an iphone!

June 29, 2007

The second trailer of GTA IV with this time real game play footages has been released yesterday. And it looks amazing. You can see a motorbike, a few cars, two helicopters (one is a black hawk), a bunch of guns, and I think at the end the main character (Niko Bellic) is using an iphone. In this episode you will be able to enter in more buildings then in the previous versions, which is a good thing. Also you can see niko firing an assault rifle, and he is carrying a bag which is also one of the new features of the game, being able to see everything you carry. You will also be able to hold on the back of a truck or on the skid of helicopters

The game should come out in October this year! for more information follow the guide!