A glimps over the river

April 26, 2009


The new set of pictures on the Boston Globe were taken from the chinese side of the Yuan river. They are rare images, witnessing North Korean daily life

The Big Picture


Korean Rap

February 22, 2009

I don’t know much about Korean hip hop music, every time I’ve tried to find some good artists (by good I mean that fits my taste), I would end up discovering POP/Boys band artist. You can tell me that I was looking the wrong places, or not searching well enough. I agree.

Well today I was reading an post on Ask a Korean about Half/Korean kids, So I reasearch a bit and find some info about a Korean Raper called T/Tasha and She is quite good have a look

Drunken Tiger

And some Outsider

Sushi with chef man

February 14, 2008

In Australia, I had the chance to have so kind of private classe with a friend-of-a-friend who’s working as a sushi chef in a Japanese restaurant. It was nice to see him work. He was so fast, but I learned the basics and now I have to practice. I try to  cook sushi every week or two. But in Switzerland fish is quite expensive. So I usually use  cooked tuna, crab cake and other product I can found easily here. I also make a lot of Kimbab (korean roll), because it’s what my girlfriend prefers since she is Korean.

It’s not allways easy to learn how to make good rice, use the right methode to roll your maki, or prepare shrimps for ebi sushi. So I’m allways looking for good videos to learn. Here are a series of very good video made by chef man to learn many things.

This is how to prepare sushi rice (Mizkan Brand video):

 This is how to make Ebi sushi (shrimp):

 This is how to roll maki sushi:


This is how to debone a chicken leg:


How to prepare tobikto sushi:

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Funny guys make special cookies in Seoul

October 22, 2007

Hi one video again. This time it’s a vid I brought from Seoul. Some guys are making special cookies invented long long time ago for the king (which one??? donno). They start with a block of honey, and end up making 16’000 small strain thin like hair.