Sockso stream your music

April 26, 2009


Sockso is a simple stream-server for you music.

Download a simple archive from their website. Unzip the file for win/linux, the execut the file you’ll find in the folder, you’ll recognise the one don’t worry.

Then chose the folder(s) where you keep all your music under the collection tab.


You can creat one or more users and set passwords for each of them.

In the bottom of the page is the ip:port you have to follow to access the web interface.

If you have a router or firewall don’t forget to forward or open selected port (default is 4444)

The web interface is really simple, you can chose from many kinds of player. You can creat, share playlists, download files, see which files you’ve listened most, as well as creating random playlist, a good thing to be able to listen to mp3 that were taking dust.


My bigest issue so far is that I can’t us it on my ipod touch, certainly apple’s fault for not supporting flash. But I’m wish they will realese an app for Sockso, (I’m guessing I’m a bit optimistic). But I’ve read somewhere that one app was available for jailborken ipods.


Korean Rap

February 22, 2009

I don’t know much about Korean hip hop music, every time I’ve tried to find some good artists (by good I mean that fits my taste), I would end up discovering POP/Boys band artist. You can tell me that I was looking the wrong places, or not searching well enough. I agree.

Well today I was reading an post on Ask a Korean about Half/Korean kids, So I reasearch a bit and find some info about a Korean Raper called T/Tasha and She is quite good have a look

Drunken Tiger

And some Outsider

Loooptroooop rockerssssss

March 4, 2008

Looptroop rockers new album April 23d

Cooking the beat

October 2, 2007

Et un peu de sucre en poudre??? Nooooooon..