PSP update 3.70 brings me what I was waiting for.

September 14, 2007


Finally that’s it, I can listen to music on my PSP, and read comic books or see pictures at the same times!! I’m really happy, so it’s time to give you a few link to get free comics books psp format.

Hitless is a must have for you PSP, the website is really amazing and you can download the 2 issues of their comic book for free. More to come, I hope so!

Another famous one, is NYC2123 Dayender a futuristic graphic novel that will remind you Frank Miller’s Sin city. Also a must have, must read!!!

Also you should be able to download a few manga there.

Custom themes for your PSP

The other important feature added with the 3.70 update is the theme customization. You can now download themes on the internet and put them in your psp. You can read a how to guide here. If your too lazy to read it, just go there and download the theme you want. Then just paste the .ptf file into a new folder you’ll name “THEME” in the “PSP” folder.