Yellow again world

January 13, 2009

I really didn’t post for a long time. Well nobody must be mad at me since I don’t think I have readers.

I’m back in Switzerland now, I got married, have a job and new appartment. nice.

Now I’m on holiday and I’m ill, and guess what nothing to do. So I decided to come check out how is the new wordpress dashboard and hopefuly post a few items. Because I haven’t stopped surfing.


Google employees are having fun not playing Guitard heroes

March 27, 2008

Is that the home menu of the Xbox 360 on the screen???? ..


Anyway there office still looks way cooler then mine!

Loooptroooop rockerssssss

March 4, 2008

Looptroop rockers new album April 23d

Now ubuntu as skype with video mode

February 14, 2008
skype logo small

How could I miss that. I was regularly checking to see when the video feature would be available for their famous Voip soft under linux. Well actually it’s available since December at least. But only in a beta version ( I didn’t test it yet but I’m really looking forward to it.

skype beta

pfffffff finaly.

Sushi with chef man

February 14, 2008

In Australia, I had the chance to have so kind of private classe with a friend-of-a-friend who’s working as a sushi chef in a Japanese restaurant. It was nice to see him work. He was so fast, but I learned the basics and now I have to practice. I try to  cook sushi every week or two. But in Switzerland fish is quite expensive. So I usually use  cooked tuna, crab cake and other product I can found easily here. I also make a lot of Kimbab (korean roll), because it’s what my girlfriend prefers since she is Korean.

It’s not allways easy to learn how to make good rice, use the right methode to roll your maki, or prepare shrimps for ebi sushi. So I’m allways looking for good videos to learn. Here are a series of very good video made by chef man to learn many things.

This is how to prepare sushi rice (Mizkan Brand video):

 This is how to make Ebi sushi (shrimp):

 This is how to roll maki sushi:


This is how to debone a chicken leg:


How to prepare tobikto sushi:

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Gravia the kinetic lamp

February 11, 2008
gravia lamp

This concept is the won the second place at the greener gadgets design competition. It’s a lamp powered by gravity. It looks like a big tube and has a weight that can slide from the top to the bottom. It will act like a dynamo and power the lamp for 4 hours. It’s a very neat concept that I would like to see come true. So if you have a lot of money and don’t know what to do with it. Please make it become reality!

You can watch the video at

The Zenn zero emission no noise

January 29, 2008

Look at this video presenting the Zenn zero emission no noise car. Made in Canada!